Easy to Cook Pasta Recipe

One of my favorite meals to cook for the family is pasta. It’s relatively cheap, easy to make, and can easily serve a handful of people. If you haven’t had much experience in making something other than spaghetti, then you might very well be missing out on a potential favorite dish! This article features a few great pasta recipes that both the cooking novice and pro can accomplish and appreciate. They’re oh-so-tasty and I hope you enjoy them!

Easy Pasta with Garden Vegetables and Fresh Basil Recipe

3 large garlic cloves, chopped 1 sweet onion cut 1/2 inch chunks 2 shallots, diced 1/2 each green, red, yellow pepper cut 1/2 inch chunks 2 large tomatoes cut in chunks 25 snow peas cut in half 10 basil leaves, rolled and diced 500 ml whipping cream White wine Rotini pasta or your favorite pasta Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper to taste

Peel the shell off of the shrimp and remove tail-shell also. Place shells in the smallest pot you have “preferably a nonreactive pot like stainless steel”. Press and crunch the shells down a little. If you don’t crunch them down in the pan then you will have too much liquid in the pan. Crunching the shells down also releases the flavor. BE CAREFUL not to cut yourself on the shells! I use the bottom of a plastic drinking glass to crunch the shells down in the pan. Cover the shells with barely enough cold water to cover. Bring the shrimp pot to a medium boil and then immediately turn it down on very low and simmer for 10 minutes, stir the shells up a few times while simmering. Cook NO more than 10 minutes because the fresh flavor will be cooked off if you do. Strain off the shrimp liquid, discard the shells. Keep liquid aside for the dish.

Using several different dyes in your pasta helps to make the process much easier. By changing the dyes, you can swiftly go from making spaghetti to macaroni, from linguini to angel hair, and so on. Small pasta machines are available that allow you to just roll over your sheet of dough to make the noodles, and also larger, more expensive machines are available that require less effort and make the job even easier. Most pasta machines involve a sort of feeder mechanism where you deposit the dough, then crank the handle for the noodles to be produced on the other end.

Slowly add the warm milk, stirring constantly, until well blended. Add the cheese and Tabasco and continue stirring until the cheese is melted and the whole mixture is smooth and thick. Place the macaroni in a deep oven-proof casserole. Pour the cheese mixture over and fold in. Place in a 400 degree F. oven for 20 minutes until hot through and browned on top.

In a large skillet, heat the oil. Add the garlic and saute’ for 1-2 minutes. Add the crushed tomatoes and cook uncovered over low heat for 15-20 minutes. Cook the pasta in a pot of boiling salted water.

Drain. Add the basil and parsley to the sauce. Stir well. Place the pasta in a serving bowl. Toss with the sauce and season to taste. Sprinkle with cheese. Serves 4.


The Big Island Hawaii Volcanos

The Big Island is practically synonymous with volcanoes. Although best known for Kilauea, the volcano that made international news when it erupted in 2018, the island is actually home to five volcanoes, two of which are still active today. This constant flow of lava increases already large island Hawai’i every day.

Stargazing on Mauna Kea

There can be no Hawaiian experience more magical than on the observation of the highest mountain of the sea stars in the world, Mauna Kea. Once there, you can not be blamed for forgetting where they are; between the rocky landscape of this ancient active volcano, the freezing temperatures and the proximity of the stars, Mauna Kea feels more like space than Earth much less Hawai’i!

Big island Hawaii volcano

The mountain offers two ideal places for stargazing: halfway the volcano to the docking station or through telescopes actual summit. Although it is possible to get to the dock with a personal vehicle, the road to the top is steep, winding and rocky. For this reason, visitors will find much easier and pleasant to the Mauna Kea experience through an organized tour. Besides the ease of access, our visits also provide visitors with additional benefits like a star show private planetarium Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo, a virtual tour of a koa forest in a state of preservation, and lunch deli Free.

A crossroads of ancient Hawaiian culture (Mauna Kea is considered sacred in the Hawaiian community and culture) and technological exploration of our universe, a visit to Mauna Kea allows visitors to connect two worlds at once, for a unique experience, you won “t miss!

An introduction to Hawaii’s volcanoes

That said, no trip to Hawaii is complete without a visit to Madame Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire revered said to reside in the Halemaumau crater of Kilauea Caldera in Volcanoes National Park. The park can be experienced in a myriad of ways including guided tours, a visit to historic Jaggar Museum and dinner at the volcano cellar. Hiking sterile black lava fields is a must-do for visitors, especially when the lava viewing areas are open. (It is important to note that the lava can not be guaranteed at all times or at any visit, but that is specific which makes finding a thrill!)


Strong Engagement Scores Could be Trouble

High levels of engagement could actually be damaging for organizations and their employees if one-dimensional engagement surveys mask the types of engagement at play within an organization.

That is according to new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Kingston University Business School’s Centre for Research in Employment, Skills, and Society, which found an important distinction between transactional and emotional engagement.

The research found that employees that are transactionally engaged (ie engaged only with the task or job role at hand) may respond positively to engagement surveys and display the outward behaviors associated with engagement, but are less likely to perform well and will quickly leave for a better offer. However, those that are emotionally engaged (ie engaged with the organization’s mission and values), are more likely to perform, have higher levels of wellbeing and are more likely to remain engaged through good times and bad.

Strong Engagement Scores

The researchers identified transactional engagement as being shaped by employees’ concern to earn a living and to meet minimal expectations of the employer and their co-workers. In the majority of instances, people’s positive feelings about their work stemmed from the job or task itself, from the challenge, variety, and autonomy that their role bestowed on them, and the gratifying ability to see the fruits of their labor.

Emotional engagement, meanwhile, is associated with different aspects of work that go beyond the job role itself, including colleagues, line managers, business units, the organization and clients or customers. It is driven by a desire on the part of employees to do more for the organization than is normally expected and in return, they receive more in terms of a greater and more fulfilling psychological contract.

High levels of transactional engagement were found to be potentially damaging for both individuals and the organizations they work for. Employees who are transactionally engaged report higher levels of stress and difficulties in achieving a work-life balance than those employees who are emotionally engaged. What’s more, transactionally engaged employees are more likely to indulge in behavior which might actually damage the organization than their emotionally engaged counterparts.

Angela Baron, the research adviser at the CIPD, said: “While we definitely encourage organizations to measure engagement, it’s not enough for organizations to focus on increasing their engagement scores without considering what type and locus of engagement are being measured. What people are engaged with, and the nature and driving force behind their engagement, also need taking into consideration – otherwise organizations risk misunderstanding the actual extent and nature of engagement.

“For example, transactionally-engaged employees are likely to answer survey questions positively or be willing to take on extra work because they believe that is how they will achieve their desired ends. While not being disengaged, in deciding how they will deploy their efforts they are more likely to act in self-interest than in the best interests of the organization.

“To add to this complexity, people may be emotionally engaged with certain loci of their job and transactionally engaged with others, and the behaviors they demonstrate could be difficult to distinguish.

“For example, someone may provide excellent customer service because they are emotionally engaged with the customer or organization they work for, or simply because they are transactionally engaged and know it is expected of them. What’s more, someone may be emotionally engaged with their profession and perhaps even their clients, but only transactionally engaged with their current role and organization.

“This is why the interpretation of engagement scores needs to be carefully underpinned with insight from line managers and HR practitioners with the ability to identify the different dimensions at play in the workplace.”

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Cosmetic Procedures In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of soaring mountains, stunning lakes, and beautiful beaches. Now you can personalize some of that beauty by getting cosmetic procedures in Costa Rica.

Cosmetic Procedures in Costa Rica

Cosmetic surgery has become a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people choose to have some sort of cosmetic surgery performed on their bodies, and most of these procedures are not covered by health insurance. As a result, cosmetic surgery can become quite expensive, so some patients have decided to seek an alternative option for cosmetic surgery in the US. Combining a cosmetic procedure with a relaxing tropical vacation has become a new way of getting cosmetic surgery you want to be done, and Costa Rica is a great spot.

Cosmetic Procedures In Costa Rica

Costa Rica cosmetic surgery is done quite frequently. In fact, according to one study, over 14.25 percent of visitors who come to Costa Rica get some sort of medical procedure done. These procedures are often cosmetic ones. The cosmetic surgeons that practice in Costa Rica, along with travel agents and other services, can help to set a patient up with an affordable surgery as well as excellent care afterward in a vacation atmosphere.

One big question that most people have is whether getting Costa Rica cosmetic surgery is safe. While it’s important to research any doctor before consenting to surgery, Costa Rica does boast a number of highly qualified cosmetic surgeons available to perform your cosmetic procedures. The standard of medical care in Costa Rica is one of the highest in the world, and cosmetic surgeons here are considered to be some of the best available while still being less expensive than those in the United States. Doctors practicing in Costa Rica can come from prestigious medical schools in the US and England, as well as other countries.

Costa Rica also offers places like the Las Cumbres Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica, which is a surgical retreat center staffed with medical personnel. This retreat allows patients to stay in comfort in a luxurious resort atmosphere while receiving aftercare for their medical recovery. Tours and other amusements can be arranged while you stay at Las Cumbres, and the staff speaks several languages so that the language barrier is not an issue.

Choosing Costa Rica for your cosmetic surgery is affordable and convenient. You are able to obtain the procedures you require and the vacation you need, all while saving money over the cost of the same surgery in the US. While traveling to Costa Rica for surgery may not seem safe to some, by doing your research before heading to your destination, you can be sure to obtain all the necessary information to make the right decision about your surgery.