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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper: two tasteful clowns

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper: two tasteful clowns

A conversation with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen goes pretty much how you’d need it to – like a night out with a couple of your own wisest and funniest company.

The star TV characters and buddies finishing both’s ideas. They playfully snap at every other. And anybody sooner or later introduces the “Real Housewives” team. It really is a continuing backwards and forwards, punctuated by suits of fun.

Cohen: Well, do you know what? As an interviewer, if you ask me, it looks like involvement. Like, “Oh, check, Andy seated lower with some Jelly Bellies, and then he’s creating a little kiki now.” Anyway, you aren’t choosing me, will you be?

The two guys comprise set-up on a blind big date years back but made the decision it cann’t work after a short call. Relationship matched them much better.

Cooper and Cohen promise no really serious stuff within their shows. With no government. Just a conversational, interactive night of tales and ingesting. A lot of drinking.

“often, anyone, and we also undoubtedly promote this, are making this a night. They quite often head out for supper earlier. Frequently it really is a liquid meal. Usually they will have had most pinot grigio or cocktails. We promote individuals to need cocktails while in the program at the same time,” Cooper says. “We have now had some really exuberant anyone, several of who have seen to get got rid of by safety workers.”

In several ways, Cooper and Cohen are polar opposites. Cooper, needless to say, is the silver-haired CNN point and “60 Minutes” newsman who has got interviewed presidents and seen war-torn countries. Cohen, the “genuine Housewives” wrangler, meals daily with superstars about Bravo chat reveal “Watch What takes place Live,” hosts Fox’s “fancy link” reboot and contains a SiriusXM station, broadcast Andy. They are like two edges of the same perfectly coiffed money.